Rueda is Cuban Salsa performed in a circle or 'wheel' whereby a caller calls the move and the dancers change partners. This makes for dynamic, inclusive fun, keeping the leaders on the ball and up to date with various moves and the followers better able to follow the leader. This style of salsa was borned out of the Casinos of Havana in the 1950's and is still performed and competed around the world today!!


Rueda Level 1 Moves

You will learn the basics of Salsa rhythm, steps & simple turns:
Simple 'spot' clockwise (outside) turns for the girl on 567 (Exhibela)
Slow clockwise turns on 123 567 (Vacilala)
Cross Body Lead to open Cuban basic (Dile Que No)
Cuban back basic 'mirror the girl' (Guapea)
Simple salsa turn anticlockwise change of place from back break (Enchufela)
Exhibela Dos con Una - 2 exhibelas for the girl with guy spot turn in between on 123

Rueda Level 2 Moves

Enchufla Doble (Stop & Go turn) - half enchufela & send her back to full enchufela (Enchufela triple - Stop & Go twice)
Dale agua ('give her water', also called paseala in some places) - boys side steps while opening girl to do her back breaks - a dynamic way to do a basic
Dame ('give me' - change partners by turning to centre on 7 then DQN next partner)
Prima ('cousin', dramatic ballroom hold and move on)
Prima con Hermana (cousin with sister) (Add ons are La familia, con abuelita, con abuelo, Tumba francesa)
El Candado (the padlock - double cuddles)
Chocolate (variant of El Candado, with grinds side to side)
Setenta prep (#70 - slow clockwise turn into hammerlock position, enchufla out with R-hand haircomb for leaders)
Yogur (yoghurt - only when you're good!! Sometimes with Sugar.....con Azucar or con Mango when you're extra good!!!)
Pepsi Cola (Dile que no with a double outside turn!!)
Coca Cola (Dile que no with inside turn, rotating around the girl and end with another DQN)
Enchufla Loca (double handed enchufla, end with hands over girl in 'cubddle' to the R, Exhibela L arm first and end in another cuddle with R arm, Exhibela with L arm and end with R hand hair comb for guy!!!)
El Uno (the number one): R-R handshake lead girl into breakarm enchufela x 2, on 3rd normal R-handed enchufela, guys turn CW on 567 with R-hand on shoulder, walk until caller calls next move (eg arriba tiempo espana - turn to your partner and normal salsa walk in closed position)
Alternate ending to El Uno......drop catch exhibela from behind, DQN to finish
El Dos (the number two): Enchufela and guys change to R-hand and get in front of the girl, breakarm back breaks (x2), finish with: 1. Lift R-arm overhead on 567 and end with sombrero or 2. use L-arm for enchufela from behind, then hook turn, DQN keeping L-L hold withoptional coca cola (rotational inside turn with another DQN at end)
El Doce (the number 12): Combine El Uno with El Dos!! Either ending

Rueda Level 3 Moves

Start routines with enhanced basics i.e. Dale Agua (guys side step, girls open out) and then Exhibela to turn girl into circle (more dynamic than from forward basic)

Prep on '8' circular turns (Vacilala)
El tres (#3, double open hold, slow with R over L, enchufla out and hook turn)
Setenta (#70, double open hold, L hand into hammerlock, enchufla and haircomb), #71, #72
Toca La T (Touch her "T"!!)
Sombrero (Yes the Mexican hat! double hand crossed hands R over L, slow turn girl into cross arms over head, facing centre, DQN)
Medio Sombrero (R-handed sombrero)
Balsero (Person on a raft - 'bypass' sombrero)
Beso or Besito (like Balsero with guy breaking R arm behind back and then the 'yawn and kiss' on 123, half hook turn on 567, enchufla and sombrero hands before DQN)
El Dedo (The finger....R-R lead girl slow vacila to change place, enchufela, hook turn, enchufela, hair comb to DQN)
Montana (The mountain.....double handed version of el dedo)
Bayamo (A town name in the East of Cuba, famous for the Cuban National Anthem and starts with Medio Sombrero, then grab girls L hand and "Paseala" around you with R arm up and breaking your L arm behind your back, back to back together with girl, enchufla out and 'double haircomb' move on 567, DQN to end)
Enchufla doble y Quedate (Double enchufla and 'stay' with girls clapping on 7,3 and guys grooving behind girl, ends with R-R enchufla with hook turn and moves on to next girl for DQN)
Dame con las Manos (Dame 'with the hands', hold on to each girl as you pass on with DQN until caller calls 'La Ultima' which ends with either a DQN or continues to a Paseo Arriba, R hand up and making girl walk around you)


New Coffs Coast Rueda Repertoire

No.1 El Dedo Tu y Yo - The finger - one handed move, outside turn, enchufela, boys enchufe under left arm, enchufela, DQN

No.2 Setenta - 70 - Double handed No.1 - 'hammerlock'

No.3 Setenta y Uno y Pico - 71 and a little more - with elbow lock  (gancho)and then paseo double handed, twist & turn outside circle together back to back, enchufela, DQN

No.4 Mirala pero no la Toque - Look but don't touch - R-R slow turn on the spot, enchufela,  2 x exhibela into centre, paseala to finish

No.5 Habana Loca - Crazy Havana - 70 start with 'crazy hands' change from behind, enchufela girl out with L arm, guys enchufe out under R arm, enchufla and DQN

PRE-6 Bamboleo & Vacilala - prep on 8 with tap facing in circle, bamboleo x 2 sets and end with vacilala (no hands)

No. 6 Toca La T - Touch her T (nowhere near the T ;-)) , prep on 8 as above, vacilala with L hand and R hand goes on her shoulder on '7', enchufela and change direction, hand change behind back, enchufela out, DQN

No.7 Doble Sombrero - prep on 8, change hands to R-R on top, double handed sombrero, followed by single handed sombrero (called medio sombrero) 

No.8 Balsero - the Oarsman - prep on 8, change hands to R-R on top, start sombrero then get girl around the back, move around her and end with full sombrero 

No.9 Abanico - the Fan - prep on 8 sombrero start, flip R hand to continue turning the girl changing sides then doing a hook turn (clockwise on 567), enchufela and hair comb girl, DQN

No.10 Serpentine - the Snake - 'havana guila' - enchufela and change hands to L over R, file que 1/2 coca cola turn to face girls in centre, girls forward on R foot and 1 and 1/2 turns clockwise with L arm with haircomb men before DQN

No.11 Bebe - the baby of moves ;-) - start with Balsero, go into Beso (the kiss),  exhibela doble, reverse balsero to paseo walk around to prep on 8, back to back around changing sides and ends with Abanico!!

No.12 El Doce -  R-R breakarm enchufela triple (girls in front), guys get in front x 2, L handed enchufela from behind, hook turn, DQN and coca cola around the world follow her around.

No.13 Ochenta y Ocho - 88 - Sombrero start, DQN and paseo walk her around your tablette de chocolat (i.e. 6-pack!) into prep on 8, end with vacilala (thanks to Sergio Morales)

No.14 Setenta complicado moderno - Ask Cuban Pete to plllllllease explain!! One of the Cuban Gods El Moro at the Australian Rueda Championships 2013 taught this move!! 

No.15 - Sombrero de Mandy - Sombrero start, drop R arm over girls L arm so she gives you her R arm, DQN and coca cola and paseo around the back (alternative coca cola around the world and follow her around)

No.16 - Dieciseis (Nr 16) - Enchufela and elbow 'gancho' your R elbow over girls L arm, DQN coca cola and paseo around the back with extra coca cola on the spot to your RHS

No.17 Ochenta y siete (Nr 87) - combine 71 start to elbow gancho and add No. 16